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These veneers are finished with a technique called ‘ fleece backing’. They are flexible enough to not restrict usage and application like traditional veneers. So, mould your space and experiment with your creativity.



Veneer Laminates are produced by pressing veneers on special Kraft paper. These veneers can be bent into a curve of 8cm radius and can be rolled and glued onto any shape of furniture. Furthermore, this awe-inspiring collection is unrivalled for its exceptional texture and exquisite quality.



A revolutionary nature beauty to behold. It’s as pristine as it is technologically advanced. Veneered MDF panel is produced by pressing natural decorative veneer directly n the MDF panel with the patented MITT technology, exhibiting nature’s real wood art in form of the natural veneer and the versatility of MDF.



A unique innovation that reflects the pure form of nature. Ply backing veneer is produced y pressing natural decorative veneer directly on a Gurjan Base Ply with the patented MITT technology.It displays the epitome of creativity in the form of natural veneer and highlights the adaptability of ply Backing Veneer.

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