A masterpiece can only be created by paying attention to the fittest details. And just like that, wood finishes are necessary for protecting wood surfaces and enhancing their beauty. In India, clear finishes are used to retain the natural Look of wood and to highlight its grains. Be it solvent-based or water-based, without proper finish, your masterpiece is incomplete.


There are five kinds of finishes recommended for veneers based on the use (interior/exterior) and application (horizontal / vertical) of the veneer. These are mentioned below.

Melamine finish

The ease of application and availability makes this the most popular finish for a veneer.

It can be used for interior and exterior applications.
Available in Gloss and Matte
It can be applied using a brush or a roller

Polyurethane finish

Commonly known as P.U. finish, Polyurethane is extremely sought-after and is easily available as well.

It can be used for interior and exterior applications
Thicker layer of this polish glues better protection to the veneer surface.
Has higher water resistance
Post application, it smells pungent for some time.
Available in Gloss and Matte, it can also be tinted for special effects
Should be applied using spray-on

Acrylic finish

One of the latest entrants in the market, Acrylic Finish is the choicest selection for the discerning few because of being the most premium wood finishing solution.

Best suited for interior use and is recommended for horizontal surfaces as well.
It is a fast drying finish compared to other alternatives.
It can be easily cleaned up with soap and water.
Auailable only in Gloss, this finish results in a very thick top Layer that giues the appearance of placing a glass/ acrylic sheet on top of the veneer.
Should be applied using spray-on.

UV Coating

UV coatings are known for their superior durability as well as chemical and stain resistance while bringing out the beauty of the wood for Industrial use.

It gives faster production rates.
Comparatively, is faster in application and drying.
Effective and low labor costs.
Significant reduction or the complete elimination of VOCs.
A higher quality finished product.
Produces less waste material.
Requires less floor-space for the process.
Immediate handling and packaging.

Water based coatings

Water-based Coatings are the first step towards the responsibility of mankind in Coatings technology. This revolution has changed the definition of polishing.

Has no VOC and is highly eco-friendly
Good coverage and wetting of the substrate.
Very good sandability.
Easy to apply and dries faster.
Can be easily applied by spray, roller, and brush.
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Water-based Coatings are the first step towards the responsibility of mankind in Coatings technology. This revolution has changed the definition of polishing.

Applying sealant on the veneer surface can protect it from all kinds of dust particles during storage.
Thorough cleaning of decorative veneer surface is recommended before finishing Protection from moisture is equally important to retain the colour of the ueneer after finishing.
For all pre-dyed veneers, it is advisable to use clear finish to retain the dyed colour.
Usage of brush, roller, or spray, and the number of finish coats can vary based on the type of wood finish being applied.
Next coat should be done after the preuious coat dries Sanding in-between coats is advisable.
Avoid the use of chalk powder as it could either result in yellowing or penetration, which may be visible after application of the wood finish.
If bubbles are formed during the application of wood finish, changing the application medium (brush, roller, or spray) can eliminate it most of the times.
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